Monday, January 25, 2010

Number 1

It's been a big week in football- the Saints brought home the NFCkurt warner.jpg Championship and will be headed the Super Bowl for the first time, and in the process delivered a stunning loss to Hall of Fame Quarterback, Brett Favre. Earlier last Sunday, Peyton Manning and the Colts advanced on the AFC side to return back to the big game. Then later this week, the NFL saw one of their greatest quarterbacks, Kurt Warner (Arizona Cardinals), go into retirement. Kurt Warner became one of my favorite players with his explosive offense and incredible passes while playing for the St. Louis Rams (1998-2003).

Kurt Warner is a hero of mine as he has been such a great role model and Christian example even while being the superstar football player that he was. For quite some time I have been familiar with his testimony and reputation. It wasn't until his retirement announcement that I found out about his ministry/charity organization; the name of which I found particularly inspiring- First Things First. (See

His theme verse is one that we need not forget, Matthew 6:33:

"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness..."

I don't know about you, but I struggle with that one. It seems that sometimes...a lot of times...I seek ME first. What makes me happy? What makes me look good? What do I want?

Whenever we put ourselves first, we miss out on the promises of God- that passage deals with God taking care of our needs and blessing us. When we try to put ourselves first and at the top instead of God first. We end up just like the prodigal son--more thirsty, hungry, and lonely than before.

We all struggle with putting things before God. It's no wonder that the first of the ten commandments is "You shall have no other gods before me." (Exodus 20:3).

What are you putting in front of God today? What (or who) is number one to you? Join with me (and Kurt Warner) in putting God first.

Putting Him in First Place Together,


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