Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This Sunday is one of those special days of the year in which we celebrate a certain group of people of which we literally wouldn't be here without-our mothers.

Ambrose Bierce once defined the word, "sweater," by saying a sweater is a "garment worn by a child when its mother is feeling chilly." It's unique statement that illustrates a profound concept-a mother's love.

For all those loving mothers out there, thank you. Thank you for the sacrifices you make. Thank you for being selfless, when everyone else is being selfish. Thank you for nurturing and caring in those ways that only mothers can do. Thank you for being beautiful pictures of God's grace and mercy.

A special thanks also to my own mother. Mom, you are all of the above and even more. You endured more raising this stubborn boy than any mom should. Your loving care during my bout with cancer is unparalleled. Your prayers and support of the ministry God has called me means more than you know. Thanks for everything. You're the best.

On the Journey Together,


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