Friday, November 20, 2009

Victory in Jesus

I know that last week was when weWWII HD.jpg celebrated Veteran's Day, but I've been watching WWII in HD on the History channel and can't help but share my heart. The few episodes I've seen have been intriguing, intense, and sobering. Watching some of the horrific events of World War 2 have re-opened my eyes to the bravery of our soldiers, the cost of our freedom, and the gift of life.

One week after Veteran's day and one week before Thanksgiving day, I, ironically, find myself also at an emotional intersection: the one is a sense honor and appreciation for our soldiers, both present and past; and the other is a deep thankfulness for all of the blessings I have.

Another thing that I have been reminded of concerns the enemy. The enemy, though eventually lost the war, was strong, cunning, and strategic. I began to think about this verse in the Bible:

"Now the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made." (Genesis 3:1)

Did you know that they enemy is cunning and, according to this verse (NASB), "crafty"? Satan has a plan, a strategy, to destroy you. He wants to take you out! And he will take away your joy, peace, power, and, ultimately, the life God wants you to live...if you let him.

But here's the deal, I can clue you in to Satan's strategy. WWII would have ended a lot quicker if the allied forces would have had the enemies strategies and tactics in hand before battle. Don't you agree? Well gues what? Here is Satan's #1 battle plan against you. This is what he will do to bring about pain and suffering in your life.

1.) He questions the word of God.

2.) He denies the Word of God.

3.) He replaces the Word of God with his own lie.

Satan is your enemy. He is at war with you whether you realize it or not, and he wants to take away the incredible life that God has for you. The plan he uses is the one above. Now that you know it, what do you do? You study the Word of God, learn it, memorize it, meditate on it, pray about it...and hold on to it always. It is your weapon against Satan (Eph. 6)...praying for victory in your life.

On the Journey Together,


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